I’d rather stay inside than being out tonight
Just sipping coffee and nothing to look forward to
Savouring my solitude
And no one will ever know you the way I do


In high definition I’m dreaming of you
With my disposition I’m losing my cool
With my everything I’d give anything to be with you


And I will try my best to let it subside
I’m letting go without taking any part of
Something what my heart truly wants
And no one will ever see you the way my eyes do


Disclaimer: well I definitely do not own any of this *DUH*

but it does convey every inch of what I’m feeling, though. So there it is :>

Zia‘s (click!) the one who introduced me to this nice tune,

like every other songs she recommended me,

(the girl got some taste!)

Coffee by Yuna the inspiring hijabi singer-songwriter from Malaysia.


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