Lebaran Covers

New sounds are here! Alright Alright Alright!

I covered this song pretty much just an hour before Ayah & Bunda’s anniversary dinner, they’ve been married for 21 years can you imagine that! (DUH what’s with me and exclamation marks now)  AYAH is the one responsible for this since he played either Santana or his Slow Rock music folder during our mudik trip. Those were fun times, though! Maaan, I am so lucky to have a place to call hometown 😀

I’ve seen some friends who turns out to be absolutely outstanding in their SoundCloud’s (well compared to my lame homemade tracks that is)  



P.S. Today, I’m going back to Bandung with such mentality that’s as fragile as a bubble frosts. WELL WELL WELL WHOSE FAULT IS THAT (no one’s pfffftt). 


2 thoughts on “Lebaran Covers

  1. Hey! Aku nggak tau kamu punya blog. Sepertinya sudah lama nggak aktif ya, tapi ya bodo amat. Tentang lagu ini, baru denger versi aslinya dan ternyata beda sekali dengan cover-anmu. Versi akustik rasa rock menurutku lebih dapat feelnya biarpun nggak ngerti 100% liriknya. Produktif terus yah. Lumayan bisa nyalurin minat sekaligus asah bakat. Apalagi udah punya skill gitarmu itu yang bikin banyak lelaki iri -_-

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