Lebaran Covers

New sounds are here! Alright Alright Alright!

I covered this song pretty much just an hour before Ayah & Bunda’s anniversary dinner, they’ve been married for 21 years can you imagine that! (DUH what’s with me and exclamation marks now)  AYAH is the one responsible for this since he played either Santana or his Slow Rock music folder during our mudik trip. Those were fun times, though! Maaan, I am so lucky to have a place to call hometown 😀

I’ve seen some friends who turns out to be absolutely outstanding in their SoundCloud’s (well compared to my lame homemade tracks that is)  



P.S. Today, I’m going back to Bandung with such mentality that’s as fragile as a bubble frosts. WELL WELL WELL WHOSE FAULT IS THAT (no one’s pfffftt). 


The Sweet Escape

Gah, such a cheesy post title (which is inspired by the majesty Gwen Stefani) BUT WHATEVER I DON’T CARE MOM I MEAN WORDPRESS

The reason I like my room so much is because you can gaze to the open sky from the top of my bed. Of course you do that for hours and you’ll get neck cramps (well that goes for you nerds cause, needless to say, I’ve already mastered it). At days like this where the sun is out on vacation (to probably Gili Trawangan), my blanket and hot chocolate in my favourite cup will fight to be my best friend (Cause ain’t real people will. Hhhh). You know, great people are the ones who dares to get outside of their comfort zone and bare with stress to actually do something and achieve things. I will always keep that in mind. But God how I need my escapades.

To escape is to break free from confinement or control. Have that temporary distraction from reality or routine, and you can find your escape in the littlest things.

I for instance find escape in internet wasteland such as 9GAG, buzz feed, college humour, and people’s blogs. I find escape in looking at our photos together. I find escape in my guitar. And when the storm hits, my sole escape would be my journal, where everything unfiltered (that mostly consists of crying myself to sleep, swearing, and other bigotries) that needed to thrown out, goes. I guess you have to get your mind waste else where to stay positive, well that’s how I get by.

On the worst definition, escaping is a state of mind when you don’t want to grow up and be self-centered. Sometimes I am struggling to find a reason to unescape, and get out from that mind-vacation. Because when that happens too long I’ll be this dork who literally doesn’t give a fuck about everything (like literally everything) no matter how it concerns everyone.

So that’s where Jumin comes in. See, Jumin is a somewhat alter ego I’ve developed since 8th grade (another prestigious products from Madina days). She’s the yin to my yang. The Blair Waldorf to the upper east side social climbers, The Sue Sylvester to my glee club. The every mean character you can imagine that’s a pain in the ass and will insult your existence and do mean things to you. Basically every time I slack off I got Jumin to whip my ass right back on track. The counterproductive part is that sometimes the critics are too strong that nothing gets done (because too busy self-shaming that’s why…….)

So with this lab works starting next week and also midterm coming in a week or two, I guess I would recommend a healthy escape in everyday or two for everyone so that I won’t be the only one who’s slacking off, but you better not get lost in that limbo you call “comfort” or you’d get whipped by queen Jumin!

By the way, speaking of escapes,


WHO’S THE ESCAPEE NOW? HA! (wait, still me…)

P.S. Just an FYI that talking to you used to be one of my escapes. (complaining happily with love)


I found this wicked cool band on my flight to Perth, just read it out loud, it’s: Hungry Kids of Hungary!

It’s been a while since I found myself a buttkicking good new music. A slight hint on their (still) only album ESCAPADE. 

Some good tracks:

  • Wristwatch (ME GUSTA)
  • You Ain’t Always There
  • China Will Wait

If you liked Vampire Weekend and Two Door Cinema Club YOU’LL HEART THIS!

A Night For Life!

Aiya! I forgot to share the last week’s 8 Schoolastic, man it was doooope. Actually… I got sick like in the very first day I was like all mourning back home and like cursing at my tummy.  All is good the next day and then the school was like empty and there’s not much left like THE CROWD… Since all the competition ended on the very first day like heck. (I want to come so bad….)

Later at night we have a little closing in Gedung Kesenian Jakarta. We had a musical drama called Collaboreight, and we get to see Koko in chinese outfit and speak chinese and did some oldschool sleeve magic tricks and flirts with girls! Holy-tremolly he was the Man of the Show! Hihihi some senior girls at ma school asked to take photos with him the next day at school. I’m the one who encouraged him to go on audition, since Faiz looked sooo desperate looking for people for the first day of audition. I think he actually enjoyed his moments 😉

So the ending went something like, the ghost of the girl killed her ex-boyfriend whom attempting to murder the man she now love, the main character who’s also the longlost son of Koko.

Nawww,  after going on people-seeking tv shows, Koko finally found his son but ups, someone’s not happy with it.

After the show ends, the stage was occupied by the MCs, they quite had a good chemistry I must say although sometimes it went too much like the crowd were nagging bcus God knows why we’re here:

They’ll freeeeeze your knees!

But when they finally get up on stage people were leaving the theater, well that was unavoidable since we invited our parents also and the only things they listen is some cranky evergreen tracks. Thus, bcus they all left I got a free seat like in the front row! Yay! I came down to the front of the stage with other boys and I’m like the only chick like its kinda awkward at first but then I like don’t care and I was screamin to their song and if the theater manager hadn’t refrain us to NOT standing up, I’d be dancing like a monkey well so I sat again and still can’t believe how lucky I am to watched them LIVE! My school’s so cool.

By the end of their performance I was about to head home and like some girls were taking photos with Bowie the drummer, and I’m soooo not gonna miss this chance! So I kinda tag along with them (girls who I actually don’t know who they are) and Kevin Mahendra’s been taking photos too, but I haven’t see it till now but ‘sokay lah.

Anywaaaays, some girls headed upstairs and the only thing I could think of is to sneak to Gugun’s BACKSTAGE. They were pretty cool eventhough us girls (and some other boys later) went to their room and asking for photos and autographs. Girls mostly wanted to take picts with Bono the bassist but I think Om Gugun’s the real deal. Never mind it gave me chances to chat with him and by god I can sense his charm his guitar power, and was mesmerized most of the times.

He’s got the Mah-Jool!

Then a chick asked for Om Gugun’s guitar pick and I also want it soooo badd!! So I told Om Gugun “Hey you know I play electric guitar too just like you Om! Man you’re so cool I think you just transferred some of your guitar mojo by just looking at me in the eye!” And then I went on and on finally I get down to it, “hey Om can I have your pick???? It’ll mean like the world to me,” with a bit puppy eyes and some Lil’ Cutie wannabe gestures. And then since the girls were busy with Jono I got myself a cool conversation with Om Gugun and I ask him if he knows my uncle, Ipang Lazuardi since they work in the same industry, and he did! 🙂

And then suddenly Bowie said to me, “Hey kiddo rock on! I know you got Jilbab and stuff but I got a lil surprised you got yourself a lil rockin attitude too, nice!” then Om Gugun said to him, “Hey you know he’s Ipang’s niece!” Woohoo I was soooo happy like a kid in a candy store. Oh! Bowie’s wife was pregnant that time! I wish his son got swagga like his papa, LOL.

And to top all that, while the crew and the girls were chatting, Om Gugun whispered to me, “Here you go kid, you can have it,” it’s his GOD-LEGEND-GUITAR PICK! MAN! I got ssuper happy I spontaneously hugged him!  I know why he kinda kept it a secret bcus I’m not really the one who asked for his pick first, sooo heck yeah sucka haha.

Riiiiight bfore I went home, I said goodbye to Om Gugun and I asked him to kiss the pick and HE DID! And the crew went like, “Nawwww,” Gosh. Oh! And Mas Yo also got their autograph he just bought their albums just so he can put their autographs onnit. Here’s exhibit number one:

A dream had never felt so real.  All thanks to Collaboreight 🙂