Some people were born with warm hands or cold hands so I start to imagine how your hands would feel like. Are they warm? Are they cold? Are they sweaty? Are they big? (compared to mine, most definitely) Are they still as soft as I remember? Or did they get crooked from all the field works you’ve done?  Will they still play the piano? Will they still write me love letters? Will your fingers fit the space between mine? Would you hold my hands so I don’t get lost?


It’s Okay to 9GAG For a While

Came across this while studying for Mechanical Behaviour of Materials (gee aren’t you familiar with that or what) finals. Something to warm our heart a little before facing the finals week I guess, teehee 😛

Personal favourite:

“I know we’ve been together for kind of a while now & life isn’t all hot dates and romance all the time anymore but I want you to know that there is nobody I would rather do it with than you. Also: you make me so happy, it’s kind of embarrassing,”


You can’t just show up out of nowhere then disappear like that. Waiting, my ass. You probably don’t know even when you’re not around, and even when someone else was nice to me, still the very thought of you does things to me like turning my inside upside-down.

We only get to meet like 5 times this year, (though I didn’t expect it to be that much either). Well turns out living on our own doesn’t make me think of you any less.

You’re just all over the place, man. Not cool.

Last Year of the Teenage Years: Being 19

Birthdays aren’t obsolete, dinosaurs are.

Except this meme

So I just turned 19  decades  a week ago. Funny, a lot of things just don’t change, in a sweet way. Some songs still remind me of you, they still do. I still get butterflies every time I remember how your voice sounds, I still do. I still take you with me in my dreams, I still do. I still keep the voice that fails to become words, I still do. You still amazes in so many ways, you still do. You still show me how sweet we are, you still do. You’re still the first thought of my every morning, you still are. It has always been you. It has to be you (tears). 


Enough with the you’s and I’s I actually did something while being 18. Met new people did cool stuffs (or, like, the other way around). Yep, rewind. I got into FTMD ITB, so I got that goin for me which is nice (hence, the meme).  I think I did gain some height (and weight). I discovered a whole new level of my love for Padang cuisine (THERE’S A SPECIAL PLACE IN HEAVEN FOR PEOPLE WHO MAKE GREAT FOOD CAN I GET AN AMEN).

During the age of 18 I was taught that every one even the one you despise, has that one thing that they’re better at than you. That every one has a plus side, and you can learn even from them. I was lucky enough to be given awesome new friends, Didis and the Bataks (if I tell you they’re a band you’d probably believe me). You know, friends who, when you remember their kindness towards you, you just sort of shed a tear or two (I’ve gotten soft, I know). Or friends I knew before that are closer now. Or best friends that kept getting more and more like sisters to me (Girls, you know who you are 😀 ).

Yeah, that.

Despite everything, one thing I know for sure, I still don’t give a fuck about a lot of things. Call me ignorant, call me insensitive. Some things just don’t bug me, okay? Well now it did bug me because it didn’t bug me (what). Well it’s a curse and a gift at the same time.Now I probably care about what people think of me but they don’t affect me anymore, so I got that goin for me which is nice.

About relationships well some friends were heart broken and hurt (I am here for you, sisters), and some friends are just never out of their honeymoon phase (pfffft, pdl-kev). Some best friend broke up with her long time boyfriend. Some best friend got together with his girlfriend of 6-years-of-infatuation and ended everything before I blink my eye. Me on the other hand was as flat as the land of a plato (crunch, crunch). Well I still maintain a good relationship with my bed and pillows so I got that goin for me which is nice.

So I guess this is it huh? The last year of teenage years. Should I take this one seriously? At this point I began to despise birthdays to be honest. What a lame expectation of a 24 hours spent in false jitters and empty wishes. Out of retrospect, it can’t be helped, can it? Well that, until a certain someone proved me that birthdays are (still) supposed to be special. And he♥ did made it special (OH so it’s a HE 😉 ). Birthdays aren’t obsolete, man. Dinosaurs are. Celebrating the fact that you were blessed with yet another year isn’t as old as I think it was. Might as well not screw this one (hahaaa) and wish for a greater year ahead for you, me, and everybody else then. O:)

P.S. Thanks man, thanks for bringing back the magic. Love and kisses.


There, there.

Darling, sometimes I think I shouldn’t let you come back. This has all gone on too long. It is so hard to love someone so inconstant, someone who is so often fading before my eyes. But I know I will always welcome your return. The way you crack open the sky to come home to me. It is all I can do to bathe in your brilliance. Beautiful, after all this time you still control my every move. I become such a monster when I miss you. Darling, it is always so dark when you’re gone.

—Clementin Von Radics


We’re just two regular people who shares a history and needs a place to rest, to stop living and just breathe, to lay out our dreams and fears, to have someone that will ask you what is what, to be brave, to feel young and whole, to help and be helped, and to be at home. And we’ve found it in each other.


I know I’ve found it in you.