We met a sea-turtle!

I think I’ve develop  new love for animals other than cats: (hell it’s not gonna be ROACHES) Sea-turtle!

DSCN6309friendly AF sea-turtle be like “bitch GTFO,”

AND ALSO A NEW HOBBY I’M SO DAMN PROUD OF: Swimming! (/freediving)

DSCN6504DSCN6335It ain’t legit until you take underwater selfies. Dat gracious lips.


While you were shitting around in front of your textbook for finals, (YES IT’S FINALS WEEK) WE went to Derawan on May 14th on a long weekend! I actually had to choose between going to Derawan or Lombok with my cousins on the same period (first  world problem). Even though I just went to Gili Trawangan and a bit of Lombok last year, it was the paradise that you won’t mind going for the 567834567th time 😥 but then I thought, this might be our last family holiday before Gilang is leaving to Kyoto for college, so why not.

A week prior to our trip, Ayah and I climbed Mt. Papandayan. Bunda came along initially but decided she would rather go home before we even reach 1/8 of the track, so there’s that. Ayah was doing surprisingly fine given the age, well he used to hike when he was in college, so there’s also that. By that moment it was my 2nd time going there, and the scenery was still the same with the brain pictures I took last time I was there, well only now it’s jam packed with people. And by people I mean some of them wear heels. (THIS I AM NOT KIDDING YOU OR WAS I).

20150502_160716Daddie & daughtie time!

In fact, Gilang also went separately with his high school group but we didn’t get to meet because the camp was CROWDED AS HELL (PFFT no hell would be crowder am I right nerds? right? ahaa~ *witty mode: on*)What I couldn’t believe was some MAJOR DOUCHEBAG actually brought a fucking firecracker and lit it WHILE I WAS PEEING IN THE WOODS. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. So yeah it’s been a traumatising experience for me 😦 (LOL NO JK) 

bitches be trippin (read: BEACH TRIPS)

Despite of our first experience of hiking, I can safely say that my family is a beach-type of family since we had big trips to the sea every year (Kepulauan Seribu, Gili Trawangan & Lombok, Derawan).  Bintang is a really kinetic kid like all sports, you name it: karate, cycling, swimming, etc. And he is so good at free-diving! While I had a bit of trouble free-diving because we all know the size of my tummy. I know, I know, I’m basically a whale.

Though that was my first time ever snorkeling with no life jacket and also my first time free-diving. my favourite thing there is that the nature is still so untouched that you get to see wild animals here and there without without actually made the effort to look for them. There we saw:

DSCN6251Jellyfishshshsh! The kind that doesn’t sting, naturally. They say you can only find em here in Maratua lake or in Philippine. Thank GOD we didn’t swim to the center of the lake, we were talking to some locals and found out one of them saw a giant snake underwater like NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE

DSCN6328Lion fish! Now this one stings. Well, poisonous might be the word because it can make an adult passed out by touching the fins like oMG

DSCN6302Clam! It was so big I thought it could eat us


DSCN6271Little squidy-squidy~

DSCN6272And guess what: it actually changes colour! 

DSCN6464I still don’t know what is the name of this creature. It looks alienish and it glows. Just like one of Ben 10’s alien.

I consider myself now a sea-turtle magnet because last 3 times in a row I was in the sea, I GET TO MEET ONE! And when we went to Sangalaki island which is a conservatory for baby sea turtles, I managed to put each baby to sleep by rubbing their head gently AREN’T THEY JUST THE CUTEST THING ON EARTH I JUST NGAFHAEHNAEYGCYAW

Anyways, before we go to Derawan we stopped by our cousin’s house and her hubby who works at Total joined us for lunch. They go out since college days, both graduated from UGM, same batch. (in fact cousin-in-law was the president of  HMTG FT-UGM back then). They still live a beautiful 6 years of married life and no kids to ruin everything yet. And I gotta say I legitimately envy them. (And also, he reminds me of someone I know) SO THERE.

Back home I got really TANNED like you can literally see the line between the lighter and darker area in my face, but I guess it’s gotta be something to brag on. (Again, HOW?) 

Also special thanks goes to Mr. Adit who generously allowed me to take the Ceramics Materials exam in advance.

To end this post I’m gonna put the short video I made as a tribute for the sea turtle I met while waiting around Ayah and my brothers from Jumu’at prayers:



A Very Holiday Day

Holiday! Mmmm very shopping, much friends, so beach, very wow. #Doge

wpid-ti_doge-381062.jpgIf you get this reference then we belong *embrace*

December 2013 was epic man. Finishing the exam, mediocrely escaped the hands of UAS! Hearing from him again (teeheehee), undressing myself from the cloak of “ca” Unit Kesenian Minangkabau ITB 2013 (some way to put it), going to Pelangi island resort, shopping much much shopping (TOO MUCH), meeting Teksound, aaand that pretty much sums up my last days of 2013.

So um chronologically it was dawn on 25th December. After we got accepted at UKM ITB (praise the LORD), Bunda wants me to reach home asap so when I reached my kosan at 11 I had to catch my train at 19:50 on the same night. She was kinda upset when she found out I didn’t take the afternoon train which left at 16:15 oh I mean come on I didn’t get to sleep last night and I barely have any energy to pack my stuff let alone doing it fast x_x

And blablabla fast forward I arrived triumphly at Jakarta the Monas greeted me some more blablabla and BAM! the next morning on 26th December, Ayah suddenly arranged us to go to Kepulauan Seribu. It went pretty much like this:

  • 05:45 |  Ayah called some travel company in Ancol
  • 07:10  |  We left the house
  • 08:00 |  The cruise departed

OH. MY. GLOB. My dad is DA BOMB!

Everything was sooooo spontanious we didn’t even brought our sunscreens (LOL sawo matang probs), and Ayah didn’t arrange no other thing than where do we sleep so it’s obvious WE HAVE NO IDEA about what we should do to kill time in the next idk 28 HOURS. Luckily my dad came across some owner of an adventure agent who offered us to jebe them snorkling and stuffs (SRSLY my dad’s luck was so good that day) for the sake of the good weather well probably he didn’t want to jinx it by not helping people in need. So thank God we went. I met some new friends, they’re the boys from the family we jebe-ed. The oldest one ask me some crazy stuff like JUMP OFF A BOAT FOR THE FUN OF IT. I said yes and we jumped from the top of the boat to the deep blue sea! Wildest thing I’ve done in the entire 2013! Like man it was so deep you can’t tell what’s below you (alien-ish sea monsters, sharks, the kraken). I think I peed myself.

wpid-IMG_20131228_111307.jpgThe Indonesia we saw

Then back to Jekarda (WAIT Kepulauan Seribu IS Jakarta) on the following days as the truly Jakartan I am, I embarked on a mission to find flea-market-priced treasures on a Mezzo sale at Kuningan City. For example: I got a pair of sunglasses that only costs me IDR 10K each from the original price of IDR 99K like wtf young man (and just recently realized, I never wear sunglasses). Oh I also got myself a new wallet at Stradi it was on sale OF COURSE, but now I thought it was too flowery but its design is really practical I just had to quit nagging and cope (that was a lie, I actually LIKED IT).

By the end of  the month, Teksound got together at Da Ipan’s. We made a birthday video for Fron (aka hubby, lol joke) who currently studies at Austin, TX, USA. I love them man, my Glory Teksound. Mikha shocked everyone by shaving his head clean for Geo UGM. Dani nags about not having a me time anymore because he’s our batch’s leader of FKUI. It is kinda hard seeing that we’ve alrady parted ways now :(. Well like PDL said, TX has too much wacana (no yeah it’s our thing) that even goodbyes becomes WACANA. Could be true though, we always hang out together since like when 10th grade? It’s a good thing to know then. I’ll be glad if I still see them next year (make it my 2014 wish). Wait, it is next year now.

wpid-IMG_20140101_204931.jpgDamar: the Boy Who Can’t be Tamed

In the first week of 2014, I didn’t control myself. I went to four different malls in a week and like I can go to the same mall two days in a row like wtf?! (the true quality of “Anak Jakarta Turun Gunung”)  Well after that 2014 so gave me hepatitis A. Yep you got that right. I had to spent almost half of my holiday in a fucking hospital. Now I had to take an extra break from college life. Well a good rest doesn’t sound like a bad idea for now.

Thank you, O Mighty. If I had not been sick I’d probably spend more days having lame fun. Now you give me a chance to rest and prepare my body well for the next semester. And that I was shown love and affection from the people around me, one has never felt so blessed.

wpid-IMG_20140120_162748.jpg#Teksound! 2014 resolution: make new friends with girls

Surprise Surprise, Madafaka

I can’t believe I’m school-less now. DUH I am done with waking up (and taking showers, OOPS) early in the morning, oh sure I can light-heartedly say that despite the pressure of uni preps thing, blablablar. OK news, news, what news…. Well I got a new cellphone! (harhar quite the show-off) Uh and I made an instagram account (yawn)

And as hard to admit, this chick has been falling for the same dude over highscool. MAAAAN, get a life. I thought I was so over him but, ha ha love bites. I didn’t think this thing could be so un-ignorable! Okay whatever, I’ll get over it as soon as we stop meeting on a regular basis. (oo! Was that a promise?)

Seen crazy stuffs and did cool stuffs (or the other way around),  along the hiatus period, like:

Going to Singapore right before the intensive program starts, venturing alone with cousin Faza. Yeah not so alone, since Bintang, little cousin, and his Mom kinda tag along during the first three days on a different flight of course. Actually I slightly went to Malaysia too to fulfill the promise I’ve made to myself: GOING TO FUCKING LEGOLAND  LIKE A BOSS, YEAAAAAAAAAH *hardcore music starts playing*



It’s not going abroad until you took shots in the streets like the normal person you are

IMG_0199Presumably it was Siti Nurhaliza. The one with jeans, actually. What a magnificent creature she is.

Changi, ingeniously occupying the free internet seat which apparently

required a laptop  (and none of us actually brought one)

Wore Minang traditional costume to the 8’s annual culture festival


The only 12th grader who did this. Sobs, so proud of *switch to font size: 72* myself  *switch to font size: 2* and Zia and Abang.

got my first high heels *tears*



Got accepted at FTMD ITB 2013

so I guess that’s the big news.

P.S. Ha-ha I did suck at delivering this most of the reason because I’ve let this post becomes a draft and I can’t stand not to post it!!! Aha.


So I just got home from a week trip to Perth, Western Australia, and I suck at recounting long events, so long story shorted, let the photos talk  for me!

Me and my housefam, Betty and her dog Lady. I’m so lucky to have her! She cooked us good stuffs that I gained some weight over the week. Oops.

Made some new friends at Greenwood Senior Highschool, that’s Jo next to me and Hamish behind me. Jo is like the sweetest thing like really! She got her pretty face from her greek mother. Boy! And Hamish is really the big heart of the party here, he told us stuffs about the student council there, and pretty much admitted that he’s a bit of a slack-off (aka GABUT!) LOL.

Meet David. He got like more than 70 badges from different countries that he had visited on his hat. He loves travelling and also, he used to be the guards there in the Fremantle Prison so he’s much of a veteran and he’s so cool!

This is the Caversham Wildlife Park, the kangaroo’s not albino and whatnot, and I stepped into kangaroo poo and it was my all new pink shoes that I got from the Harbour Town. Shits. Speaking of Harbour Town, I was like mindfucked when I found a The Beatles mug featuring the god famous Abbey Road for like only 5 $! (Faints)

In the Swan River Cruise with Abang, he pretty much wore that Sundanese hat all the time even though he’s actually from Padang, oh would you even guess! Nice trip, had awesome fucking TRUE convo with Donna upstairs, a convo only the two of us know.

At the King’s Park, aren’t we lovely? I took like tons of pictures with PDL there, we sure are the best of dorkfriends!<3

Aww this is from the last day of school there at Phoenix College, I made me a new good friend *slash* teacher Chris Parkinson, he’s probably the same age as Mr. Brian, and he fucking love rock music, and everyday on school breaks we would like have this really cool talks about rock bands, new albums, cool songs from Paul McCartney till James Brown. I also introduced him to some good Indonesian artists that I’m really proud of such as The S.I.G.I.T, Gugun Blues Shelter, and also Maliq and D’Essentials. And did you know that he had been to a Led fucking Zeppelin concert when he’s like 16? and also THE BLACK KEYS (!!!) it was 2002 and that’s just about the early years of their career! And so we said goodbyes, he gave me a copy of his band’s CD and thanked me for making his very first time teaching a rocking good time.

 Last but not least, a photo dedicated to my Glory Teksound, greetings from Perth!


P.S. My dad’s in the hospital right now due to Hepatitis 😦 get well soon Daddy Lukman!