Ramadhan blues

Ramadhan is here!

(I don’t care if it’s the last day of Ramadhan IT STILL COUNTS).

Maan, so much for the summer break. Oh summer break, what summer break. At least last semester ended pretty nicely. About campus life, let’s just say I took more than what my mouth could take :x. On the upper side which is academic life (oh you didn’t know I was academic ambitious? Pffftt, shame on ye) hoo-hoo-hoo I got such a life achievement where I totally rocked Thermodynamics of Materials (Alhamdulillah……..) and got the honour of receiving the highest score in class of 70-something. Can you believe that, because honestly I was at a point where I literally avoided the lecturer in case he mistook my score with someone else’s (now I owe him a thanks I guess).

Buut, because of I fail Physical Chemistry last year, yeah I got the D, wait THERE’S A REALLY IMPORTANT MEME I HAD TO PUT

The Office’s my jam!

ANYWAYS, well I because failed Physical Chemistry, (which doesn’t make any sense because it’s basically the same thing as thermo-_-) I had to take the short semester which actually I had to be thankful because the lecturer’s waaaaaay better than the previous one. And, to make holiday even shorter, we’re caught in drafting (and executing) osjur but I might want to stop telling you just right there, HA HA. :p

So basically I got a 14 days LONG of holiday and luckily well I did get to meet him once, though I was pretty upset because this is probably as much as I’m going to meet him til God knows when and we didn’t even had the chance to romance (HAHAHAHA I KNOW I KNOW). Well that and also because I got distracted when I was being offered Mie Aceh in the middle of the day, I mean I love you and all but come on, it’s free food (pffffffttt). I do appreciate his effort to talk to me first, something that I’m somehow too embarrassed to do (oooo tsundere detected).

Making the most off of staying at home period to cook and clean the house because my former embak got knocked up by her (now husband) boyfriend. Well that’s another story, because she’s always been such a little sister to me (did you hear THAT? SHE’S 18 FOR GOD’S SAKE). Now I realised, sex ed is highly needed for women at whatever age, so they know what are their action (or their boyfriend’s) doing to their body. This topic has been in my mind a lot quite recently, partly influenced by my favourite women writer, Nawal el Saadawi.  I’ve always wanted to read her books since high school, and now I somehow find myself with two copies of them thanks to someone. (Yeah, I know I suck at delivering thank you’s, sorry). Those are:


Happiness:) more writing on that later, okay!

But thanks to not having my embak around (how is it thanks again?) Bunda decided to take 3 days off in advance and just takes care of the house and she taught me how to cook and stuffs and I was still amazed by the fact that even though she’s working (and she works hard, believe me), she is still a kick ass mom. I’m not even sure if I can pull that one off. Well that just give career-women more respect!

Aside from those (those being other housewifey stuffs), I finally found the time to take SoundCloud more seriously, check out some of the sounds that I make!

Well back to the present, today’s still counts as Ramadhan. I didn’t achieve much, sadly, but at least this year’s improvement was that my tarawih prayers attendance in mosque is better than last year’s HAHA, so there’s that….

There’s not much that I can say though, maybe there’s regret that I didn’t make the most out of the holy month, or because my mind is not free enough due to the tons of responsibility waiting for me prematurely before next semester starts. But still, tomorrow’s gotta be a special day to spend with your family (soon to be family LOL), and loved ones.

So take down your gadgets for a day, and spend some quality time with your family, nerds!

Taqabbalallaahu minna wa minkum, taqabbal Yaa Kariiiim. Happy Iedl Fitr to all people reading this, no matter who you are, everybody deserves to be happy on Eid Day! 😀



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