“Women are consumed with the idea of finding a gentleman not because we wish to revive gender roles or maintain the classic ideas we have about masculinity, but because we want someone with good character and automatically associate that with gender.”

- Shelby Strickland -

“We don’t want to destroy all of you menfolk, but those darn meninists are onto us. We may never admit it but we’ll miss you, our big strong pickle jar openers,”

College Humor, everyone.

The Sweet Escape

Gah, such a cheesy post title (which is inspired by the majesty Gwen Stefani) BUT WHATEVER I DON’T CARE MOM I MEAN WORDPRESS

The reason I like my room so much is because you can gaze to the open sky from the top of my bed. Of course you do that for hours and you’ll get neck cramps (well that goes for you nerds cause, needless to say, I’ve already mastered it). At days like this where the sun is out on vacation (to probably Gili Trawangan), my blanket and hot chocolate in my favourite cup will fight to be my best friend (Cause ain’t real people will. Hhhh). You know, great people are the ones who dares to get outside of their comfort zone and bare with stress to actually do something and achieve things. I will always keep that in mind. But God how I need my escapades.

To escape is to break free from confinement or control. Have that temporary distraction from reality or routine, and you can find your escape in the littlest things.

I for instance find escape in internet wasteland such as 9GAG, buzz feed, college humour, and people’s blogs. I find escape in looking at our photos together. I find escape in my guitar. And when the storm hits, my sole escape would be my journal, where everything unfiltered (that mostly consists of crying myself to sleep, swearing, and other bigotries) that needed to thrown out, goes. I guess you have to get your mind waste else where to stay positive, well that’s how I get by.

On the worst definition, escaping is a state of mind when you don’t want to grow up and be self-centered. Sometimes I am struggling to find a reason to unescape, and get out from that mind-vacation. Because when that happens too long I’ll be this dork who literally doesn’t give a fuck about everything (like literally everything) no matter how it concerns everyone.

So that’s where Jumin comes in. See, Jumin is a somewhat alter ego I’ve developed since 8th grade (another prestigious products from Madina days). She’s the yin to my yang. The Blair Waldorf to the upper east side social climbers, The Sue Sylvester to my glee club. The every mean character you can imagine that’s a pain in the ass and will insult your existence and do mean things to you. Basically every time I slack off I got Jumin to whip my ass right back on track. The counterproductive part is that sometimes the critics are too strong that nothing gets done (because too busy self-shaming that’s why…….)

So with this lab works starting next week and also midterm coming in a week or two, I guess I would recommend a healthy escape in everyday or two for everyone so that I won’t be the only one who’s slacking off, but you better not get lost in that limbo you call “comfort” or you’d get whipped by queen Jumin!

By the way, speaking of escapes,


WHO’S THE ESCAPEE NOW? HA! (wait, still me…)

P.S. Just an FYI that talking to you used to be one of my escapes. (complaining happily with love)

Silence and Sun

Rak Cerita

I wanted to love you in silence. In the dark, you see—in the blackness that filled the void years after my father left me into his coffin. In the lack of illumination that was supposed to put me to sleep at night but instead took my breath away. A little, at least. Tears of fondness nested at the tip of your eyes but I wouldn’t let anyone meet even a debris of it.

You asked why. I said I didn’t have a reason.

I just knew I wanted to love you in the winter. In the chilling weather—with the city wind that clings herself to your shoulder, inviting unwanted shivers—opening doors for occasional cold. I wanted to love you as the sun stopped shining, along with the leaves that abandoned their father Old Tree, one after another.

I just knew I wanted to keep you in my own pocket: every…

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Why I am not Charlie

This is the post that can finally relates to what it’s like to be, not only a Muslim, but a human being, responding to this issue.

We’re facing, what my dear friend Tofan called, a social Bias that polars wether you’re an inhumane barbarian who by the way opposes anyone not under your voice, or you’re with the rest of the good guys of the universe where free speech is loudly spoken so let’s create hate and anger upon a certain community which is totally acceptable by our standard.

So yeah, everyone with a moral is sorry for the lost, violence is never the answer let alone murder, we are indeed supposed to give empathy to the lost of the 17 lives in the France killings, but #JeSuisCharlie NOT.

Free speech, yes.  Hate speech, no.

P.S. SPOILER: Voltaire didn’t actually wrote his popular saying

a paper bird

imagesThere is no “but” about what happened at Charlie Hebdo yesterday. Some people published some cartoons, and some other people killed them for it.  Words and pictures can be beautiful or vile, pleasing or enraging, inspiring or offensive; but they exist on a different plane from physical violence, whether you want to call that plane spirit or imagination or culture, and to meet them with violence is an offense against the spirit and imagination and culture that distinguish humans. Nothing mitigates this monstrosity. There will be time to analyze why the killers did it, time to parse their backgrounds, their ideologies, their beliefs, time for sociologists and psychologists to add to understanding. There will be explanations, and the explanations will be important, but explanations aren’t the same as excuses. Words don’t kill, they must not be met by killing, and they will not make the killers’ culpability go away.

To abhor what was done to the victims, though, is not…

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Adulteraryrary things (not adultery, most definitely)

Belated happy new year, you happy NERDS!

I’m just gonna try to sound casual and uncliche because hey ain’t nobody is scared from getting a year older am I right?

Nah who am I kidding. I’m going to turn 20 this year which is scary, well the future is scary. Real problems are scary too. If you’re too tired to hear whinings like “boohoo I don’t want to grow up just yet,” and stuffs don’t worry I’m not gonna give you that. WELL SIKES I AM GOING TO.

It’s just you know I wouldn’ t know of how to deal with daily unawkward conversation and how to be normal because frankly I’ve creeped out some numerous amount of people as well everytime I talk. Like I have to sound cool and all that, and that’s boooooring. In the age of 20 screaming and sticking your tongue out won’t get you anywhere. (or maybe they can, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN *winks* teeheehee omg did I just made a dirty joke)

It somehow feels like I should be stronger this year, well that thought was just a hunch that came out of no where.

Anyways, I shouldn’t feel that shitty since I’ll have to say I’ve done some good stuffs in 2014 too. Caught hepatitis, checked. Climbed a mountain, wait, make it two, checked. Got the major I want, checked. Went to Lombok and the Gilis, NTB, (practically heaven) checked. Cooked someone (coughcough) a proper meal and payed a promise of 2,5 years, with love, checked and checked. Got a new laptop, checked, which is pretty nice. Basically not lost contact with him (kiss) though being separated for more than 200 miles, checked and getting along good, actually, teeheehee. Decided to wear skirt all the way, checked. Learned how to fucking properly put on nail polish for the very first time in 19 years, checked, and checked, (cus you know, two hands right here).

I expect rather so-so from 2015 actually, let’s see if I can get a summer school program this year (GO SWEDEN!), or go back to Gili Trawangan for summer break, or even better, go Umrah with my family, that would be nice. Oh! And let’s see if I can get a driving licence this year and climb yet another one or two mountains too. And if it’s not too much maaaaaaaaybe I can learn how to cook. And the piano all over again! Oh good god I got lazy already reading all this stuffs………..

Most importantly I want a change from within. Be more spiritual, religious, and close to God. This gotta be number one. To be a legit adult, and be more mature. You know, to handle things and situations with no hassle and fussle, fo shazzle. AND DAMN IT I WANT TO BE BETTER AT CLEANING UP I mean I talk big all the time about wanting to work at home once Bintang finish college (since my dad’s retiring in 5 years from now) and I no longer need to work in office, I’d rather be a stay at home mom (yeah, I actually had a timeline to keep life on track), but dang it look at how messy I am with basically EVERYTHANG. This gotta change for good, man.

Oh, I also wanted to put “lose some weight” on the list but I’m not gonna make some physical change rather define my year, thank you very much. (basically just too lazy to workout….. But maybe I’ll get in shape just to be fit) (fit and smexy *what*)

Wait, did that make me a list of resolutions? Nah, to be clear, it was more of some parameters and tracks of how my year should turns out.

So there’s that, you have a nice year too, nerds. Well I’m not gonna wish 2015 to be nice for you but I do hope 2015 is gonna be your turning point, and if you thought you didn’t make it in 2014, pffsshh, no biggie, free fresh start for everyone coming right up!

P.S. Let’s see if we can top our meeting counts this year, which is 6 times last year, shall we?


Our Earthly Pleasure


With a bit of photoshop here and there, here’s my feast for the night!

Good evening, nerds. Stole the title from one of Grizzly Bear’s songs, the tune of my junior high school days, ah. (remembering the glory days of Madina) Well I got me some free time (free time what free time you got Gamsin finals  you ass) for a random chit-chat on this blog no one reads. You might think there’s some conspiracy going on with in the featured picture above, there isn’t. Wait actually, there is. See I’ve found happiness in my five senses last night, and I crammed it in one picture to tell you here.

sense is a physiological capacity of organisms that provides data for perception

Dope! More stories on it later mkay? (typical Inyan, promising stuffs then get lazy about it)

See the straw hat? That’s for the touch sense. Last Saturday Farah, Sekar, Jona and I went to the Trademark Market VI and I got myself some cool free stuffs including the straw hat. Well it actually has an ad on it (since we got it for free….) but I managed to turn it inside out so it’s GONE, HA! Two days later finals week started and I’ve started a habit by studying with my straw hat on. Weirdest shit. Though it has only been two days for cheezuz crisp (get the pun?! get it?!). I just love the feeling in my head mmkay?! Ain’t nobody got time for being judgmental and all dat!

is doing the internet culture a favour by reviving old memes

Second stuff, is the perfume. Well no shit sherlock that’s for the smelling sense. While we were at PVJ for some shopping, I actually went to grandma’s to deliver something for my Mom before-ward. Helped her out with her new phone so basically she can now use whatsapp and stuffs, (ain’t she a cool lady?) and then the sweetest thing happened, GOT ME SOME CAIYAIYASHSHSH (read: CASH. In case you nerds are confused)



The perks of having your grandma around is to have some family quality time near you. (YEAH RIGHT, WAIT it iiiiis 😦 ) Anywaaaaays, back at PVJ we passed the Body Shop store and saw the vineyard peach body mist on sale, (saved me more than IDR 50K, whoop!) I just have to grab it, it smells so damn fine 😦 well that and a grapefruit lip butter I’ve been searching for YEARS. Now I get attached to the scent so much I sprayed to myself when I’m bored and I miss the smell. Holy-FFFF this one is costly.

And for the third sense….. WAIT, OHMYGOD, SERIOUS SHIT HERE IS, INDOMIE RENDANG! Ook I’m sorry I went a little bit overboard there but man I can guarantee you that this is the bestestestest tastiestestest instant noodle in the universe, (since they don’t have one in other planet, OR DO THEY?) Indomie Rendang. No further explanation needed. Just buy the shit in the nearest minimarket and don’t forget to REMOVE THE SWEET SOY SAUCE. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT because ain’t no real rendang in da wurl needs a sweet flavour for heaven’s sake. Just do that and thank me later. So fucking good I cried.

And here comes the highlight of this post, Banda Neira! Their sound just hugs your hearing sense in a raw and honest way. Like a naked dancing tribe in the jungle. Fun facts! Banda Neira or Banda Naira is actually an island in the eastern part of Indonesia, Maluku. I actually know them from Rara’s blog, and I did know that Dinda works with her in Sekolah Kita Rumpin, but Zia is the one who introduced me to them as a duo. They got every aspects of your earbuds in cover but well I’m not gonna speak much about them, let their sound paint itself for you. (oh here’s a personal favourite)

P.S. Oh wait there is the fifth pleasure after all for the night, Gamsin or Mechanical Drawing, a feast for the eyes:


Goodluck for your finals, nerds……. I guess.